Welcome to Rogers Street Fishing Village

Dangerous Fishing
Light up the Lighthouse is memory of a loved one

Celebrating 175 years
of commercial fishing.

Rogers Street Fishing Village and Great Lakes Coast Guard Museum exhibits an 1886 historic lighthouse, shipwreck displays and artifacts, and of course our commercial fishing exhibits. For 175 years, commercial fishermen have battled Lake Michigan for their living and even today, fish tugs haul in the
day’s catch.

Our Life Saving Station, commissioned in 1877, (today known as the U.S.Coast Guard) has witnessed many dramatic rescues…and tragic outcomes. Our 1886 pierhead lighthouse, now located at the Museum, is silent witness to the wrecks and rescues off our dangerous shores. On the National Register of Historic Places, our museum complex is located on the banks of the East Twin River, the traditional headquarters of the Two Rivers Commercial Fishing Fleet.

We have five historic buildings that portray exciting stories. Step aboard
the 1936 wooden fishing tug BUDDY O, explore the fishing sheds, see the antique Kahlenberg Marine Oil Engine started up, hear the whistles and horns, and then climb up to the 1886 Two Rivers' North Pier Lighthouse for
a bird's eye view of the Fishing Village. See the restored fresnel lens that originally was housed in this lighthouse.

Open Daily May - Oct.  10 am-4 pm Weekdays. Noon to 4 pm on Weekends.   Admission: $4 adult, $2 for children under 16.

Finish your visit with a tour of the
Great Lakes Coast Guard Exhibit SHIPWRECKS!, featuring artifacts rescued from the depths of Lake Michigan's most famous shipwrecks such as the VERNON, sunk in 1887,
or the ROUSE SIMMONS, the legendary Christmas tree ship lost
with all hands during a furious storm November 23, 1912.

Discover our stories!

Group Tours always welcome! Special school group presentation on
the VERNON and ROUSE SIMMON shipwrecks. Available year round.
$2.00 per student. Call for an appointment. (920) 793-5905.

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